Rv Mattresses

Written by Rachel Arieff
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RV mattresses used to be cheap, flimsy things whose comfort levels were tolerable at best. In the past, we resigned ourselves to poor quality mattresses in exchange for the wonderful experience traveling. However, today other options are available, and it's no longer necessary to settle for uncomfortable and ergonomically unsound mattresses in the RV.

Today's RV mattresses make every option available to you. You can purchase the highest quality natural latex, memory foam, or Tempur-pedic mattresses in every size from twin to "California" king. However, what if none of these beds fit in the space allowed by your RV? If your RV has a very limited or oddly shaped space, you can have a bed custom made to fit.

Custom RV Mattresses

Custom RV mattresses can be crafted from high density polyurethane foam. This is one of the best materials from which to construct mattresses because it supports the body a lot better than the conventional spring-and-fiber mattress. The fiber in conventional mattresses eventually compacts over time, forming an impression in the mattress. Impressions are a sign that the mattress can no longer deliver the support you need.

High density foam, on the other hand, compresses less easily and is more durable. It also supports the musculoskeletal system much more effectively. Again, memory foam, Tempur-pedic, and latex mattresses are all variations on the foam mattress. Latex, however, is the only 100 percent natural mattress (provided the latex is harvested and processed organically). All of these types of mattresses can be custom designed and delivered to your home within weeks.

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