Space Saving Beds

Written by Serena Berger
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In the ideal bedroom, space would not be a concern and storage space would be abundant. Unlike the homes of the rich and famous or the fictitious characters created for popular television shows, not all homes have walk-in closets that are the size of the bedroom. Fortunately there are ways to create additional space in the bedroom by using the square footage that you have more effectively.

With regular beds, you are likely to put some belongings underneath the bed. Since the bed is so close to the ground, however, you will only be able to use a limited amount of this space. Some beds have drawers built into the frame of the bed to provide additional storage space in an area that would have otherwise not been utilized.

Loft beds take the idea of space saving beds one step further. Rather than restricting the area under the bed for storage purposes only, loft beds allow you to use it for any number of activities. You could simply use the extra space for storage, but another choice would be to create a seating area underneath the bed.

Space Saving Beds Improve Dorms

Many students live in small dorm rooms with a very limited amount of space. Some dorms have between 100 and 200 square feet. These rooms were designed to accommodate as many people as possible, not to provide luxury. Loft beds can create additional space for the leather sofa that you just had to purchase or to stack units of drawers so that you have room to move around.

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