Student Loft Beds

Written by Serena Berger
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If you live in an apartment larger than a studio, you likely have separate areas for sleeping and entertaining visitors. In dorm rooms, however, your space is often limited. Even if you live in a suite with a common area, you will still find yourself spending a significant portion of your time in your bedroom.

In this case, your bedroom needs to serve many purposes. Most importantly, you will find yourself sleeping there. Your room is also likely to be the only place that you have to store your belongings. You are also likely to do much of your homework there. Consequently, you will need both space and furniture to serve all of these purposes.

On top of everything else, you are going to use your room as a place to congregate with your friends. If you want to entertain guests in your bedroom as well, there are two options. One choice would be to use your bed for seating. Some people are uncomfortable with others sitting on their bed, however. In addition, those sitting on the bed often find it uncomfortable for prolonged periods of time. A more reasonable alternative is to find a way to rearrange your furniture to create more space.

Student Loft Beds Serve Many Purposes

Student loft beds are an ideal solution to the problem and actually serve multiple purposes. Loft beds provide extra space underneath the bed where you can place either a desk or a small sofa, and some include built-in storage space, as well. You are also likely to be able to find a loft bed that appeals to your aesthetic tastes, so you will not have to sacrifice form for function, even in a dorm.

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