Swedish Mattresses

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Swedish mattresses enjoy a reputation of being among the finest in the world. The Swedes have long been leaders in the areas of modern furniture and interior design. They have also been at the forefront in incorporating ergonomics into their designs. Ergonomics is the practice of arranging work and living spaces in a way that is healthy and not harmful to the human musculoskeletal system.

The Scandinavians have carried the virtues of ergonomic design to the common bed mattress. One of the best selling Swedish mattresses today is the Tempur-pedic mattress. This mattress was originally designed for astronauts, aimed to deliver maximum comfort and excellent musculoskeletal alignment on their long flights.

How Swedish Mattresses Work

The technology continues to be used today for ordinary civilians, for the more we learn about mattresses and the human system, the more we realize we're subjecting our bodies to unnecessary stress. Conventional mattresses are static objects; they don't perform in any particular way when a person is using them. In addition, with wear, mattresses become broken down, compacted, lumpy and uneven. That's when we say they've "lost their support" and throw them out.

In contrast, the new technology in foam-based Swedish mattresses, such as the Tempur-pedic, enables the mattress to accommodate your particular body's shapes, hollows, and curves. It literally changes shape underneath you, depressing a bit under the points in your body that deliver the most pressure, such as your hips, ribcage, and legs, to help your body maintain its natural alignment. The result is utter comfort and much less strain and stiffness in the muscles and ligaments.

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