Truck Mattress

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Truck mattress size is almost always a concern when you're looking for a bed for your truck. Your truck has limited space, and you have to make the best of what's available. Naturally, this rules out the possibility of the conventional box spring-and-mattress setup you have at home. In the past, this meant you had to settle for a cheap quality, uncomfortable alternative. Today, however, you have much better options.

Today's mattress designers have gone way beyond the old model of box spring and coil spring mattress to create beds that are space-saving and, most importantly, even better for your back and joints than the traditional mattress. Memory foam is a new material from which some of the most popular mattresses are made. It was originally developed to accommodate the ergonomic needs of astronauts as they rested during their space missions.

The Memory Foam Truck Mattress

Memory foam is a synthetic material made up of polyurethane cells that can shift, expand and compress. These cells are also able to detect changes in your body weight and temperature. These changes give memory foam cells the stimulus to either compress beneath your weight, or expand to fill in empty spaces, such as the crook of your neck or the small of your back.

A truck mattress made from memory foam can give your body the support it needs for a good, healthy, and restful sleep. Truck drivers know how important it is to get good sleep; their on-road safety depends on it. With the right truck mattress, specially cut and shaped to fit the exact space available, you can be confident that you'll get the sleep you need to remain alert and drive safely.

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