Twin Loft Beds

Written by Serena Berger
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Twin loft beds are an easy and affordable solution to the problem of limited space. A child might find the idea of a loft bed fun, as he will enjoy climbing up and down the ladder or possibly riding down a slide to exit the bed. Teens and college students will appreciate twin loft beds more for their practicality.

Many students in colleges are provided with twin beds. Before you purchase any additional supplies relevant to your bed--i.e. sheets and mattress pads--you should check with the school or dorm to see if it is a standard twin bed or an extra long twin bed. While the width is the same, many schools use extra long twin beds because they accommodate taller students while standard twin beds are too short.

If you have decided that you want to have a loft bed in your room, you will be able to find them for any size mattress. You should keep in mind that, just like a bed frame, loft beds can only accommodate the mattress size for which they were constructed. If you plan on using the mattress that was provided by your dorm, check to see if it is a standard or extra long twin bed before ordering the loft bed.

Why Bother With a Loft Bed?

Many people are comfortable with twin beds up until they go to college. If you have no reason to purchase a new mattress but are looking to change something in your bedroom, a twin loft bed can give you more space for storage or more functional space. For example, a technology enthusiast might set up a work space under the loft or a budding artist could erect an easel. Loft beds provide you with an affordable way to breathe a new wave of life into your existing room.

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