Wooden Loft Beds

Written by Serena Berger
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Wooden loft beds are the most common type of loft beds that are available. The bed frames are available in a wide variety of styles, allowing you to pick something that is not only functional but also appeals to your taste and the decorating scheme you have chosen. If you already have a mattress, you should be able to find a wooden loft bed that fits the depth of your mattress, as well.

Completing Unfinished Wooden Loft Beds

Some wooden loft beds are sold as unfinished kits. They include all the lumber and hardware necessary to assemble your loft bed. Before putting it together, you can paint or stain the wood so that it matches your bedroom. It's much easier to finish the wood prior to assembly rather than once you have assembled the bed, because you can move the pieces into an open space to work on rather than working on them where you plan on keeping the bed.

Before you purchase a wooden loft bed for practicality, you should see how you feel laying on one for some length of time. Some people find that they are not comfortable sleeping so high off of the ground. If that is the only thing stopping you from purchasing a loft bed, however, you should consider a low loft bed, which sits closer to the ground while still providing a significant amount of space underneath the bed for storage.

Regardless of the type of loft bed that you decide to purchase, be sure that it fits in your bedroom. Space is often the reason that people choose to buy loft beds, as they provide additional floor space by elevating the bed off the ground. If you have low ceilings, however, you may not be able to find a loft bed that will allow sufficient distance between the mattress and the ceiling. This is a fairly common problem in college dorms--so if you are planning to take your bed there, be sure that it fits into the room before trekking across the country with it.

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