Amerock Handles

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Amerock offers a wide selection of handles to provide a decorative touch to cabinetry. If you are working with a cabinet that has varying sizes of drawers and cupboards, you may want to consider using a complementary set of both pulls and knobs. Additionally, Amerock offers their handles in a wide selection of materials, designs, colors, and finishes.

Initially, consumers may choose their hardware of choice based upon a general sense of style they are looking to create. With a wide selection of finishes available, it can be relatively easy to complement any style of cabinetry, or even give old cabinetry an updated look. Drawer handles and pulls may seem trivial to some, but they can make a huge visual impact on your cabinet doors.

Amerock Handle Installation

All Amerock Handles come with the needed screws to mount your handles. Like most handles, Amerock handles are very easy to install. If drilling of the hole is necessary, a 3/16-inch hole will work for the majority of the handle styles available. Keep in mind, if your cabinet drawers are thicker than ¾ of an inch, you will need to purchase longer screws than the ones that are included with your Amerock handles. Be careful to ensure that the placement of the handle is carefully marked before making any lasting changes to the cabinetry itself.

Once your Amerock handle is installed, you will want to maintain it by cleaning the handles with a soft cloth, mild soap, and warm water. The occasional polishing is optional, but only with a mild, non-abrasive polish. Be sure to keep your Amerock handle tightened in order to protect your cabinetry and avoid the stripping of materials.

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