Amerock Knobs

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Amerock features over 80 different knobs to choose from in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. Some of their knobs are very simple, comprised of a single color and smooth texture. Other knobs are extremely decorative, incorporating scalloped edges and hand-painted designs. Amerock employs different shapes, varying from round to diamond, fruit to insect. With each design available in different color variations, you can even choose to mix and match without distracting from the cabinetry itself.

One benefit of selecting a knob as opposed to a pull is that is requires less drilling on the cabinetry itself. Measuring is simplified since you will no longer have to account for the distance between two points. Classic, round knobs are easy to clean and maintain, allowing the beauty of the cabinet to show through. Square knobs work to create a more modern look, adding symmetry and geometric design for a more modern looking cabinet.

Contemporary Product Line

Amerock's designers seem to have the most fun with their "Whimsical" line. These knobs have a retro appeal, combining bold colors with unconventional design. The Whimsical line has eight different categories, all ranging from fruits and vegetables to sports and kitchen utensils.

Overall, Amerock offers an escape from the traditional, simple knob. New designs and color schemes are continuously being introduced to meet the trends of the retail sector. With the right perspective, just about any compact item could become an interesting Amerock knob, and their design team seems to have figured this out. With solid craftsmanship and an eye for fashion, Amerock knobs will keep the cabinet hardware industry on their toes.

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