Amerock Pulls

Written by Krystin Spellman
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If it is a metal pull you are looking for, Amerock boasts a large selection of finish choices that include chrome, weathered finish, brass, as well as unique finishes to complement any project. For consumers who are attracted to a more casual style of pull, one may recommend a weathered finish or nickel handle. Each finish offers a new variation on each pull design, giving the consumer access to a full spectrum of colors.

If you are more drawn towards a contemporary or modern look, one may opt for a handle with a chrome or stainless steel finish to give your cabinet a streamlined design. Antique and brass finishes work well to complement a more classic style, evoking the nostalgia of a more traditional era in cabinetry. Additionally, Amerock offers a selection of handles that stray from tradition, implementing artistic design with a casual flair.

When choosing both pulls and knobs, you may want to match the colors as closely as possible, most likely selecting a combination from the same manufacturer. The other option would be to choose a decorative knob, and pairing it with a simple pull as not to distract from the knob's decorative aspects. Using this type of combination can allow you to tie different cabinetry together throughout a room, creating a universal affect.

When To Use Backplates

In instances where you cannot find a pull to fit a set of pre-drilled holes, you can use a backplate to cover the holes themselves. If you ever run into the scenario where your hole pattern is larger than three inches, you can choose to either use a backplate or a pull that has a stem large enough to hide the original hole. Overall, the backplate can give your cabinet a second chance when pulls are difficult to fit.

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