Antique Brass Hardware

Written by Krystin Spellman
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When comparing the quality of materials available in cabinet hardware, brass hardware stands out as one of the strongest, most long lasting materials around. Even though solid brass fixtures are not as common as they used to be as a result of new innovations in brass plating at a lower cost, finding solid brass hardware will ultimately result in good investment. Because solid brass produces a heavier piece of hardware, be sure that the structure intended to hold this hardware can support it.

The beauty of antique brass alone can add a quality of timeless sophistication to any cabinet, regardless of it's age. Overtime, brass hardware will tarnish as it oxidizes, but some say that this darkening only adds to the hardware's charm. For those who prefer the shiny newness of fresh brass, a simple polishing will generally restore the hardware back to its former sheen.

Antique Brass Hardware Availability

Similar to its modern counterpart, antique brass hardware comes in a variety of styles and is largely available though a number of markets. Local hardware businesses can usually refer you to smaller establishments that specialize in antique hardware restoration. Additionally, as vintage and antique brass hardware continues to gain popularity with interior designers and homeowners alike, many formidable hardware manufacturers have begun introducing antique reproductions into their current hardware lines.

It is important to note that antique reproductions are generally made of steel with brass plating, and are generally less expensive than the antique counterpart. In most cases, this type of reproduction is marketed with the description of an antique brass finish, indicating that the piece is not made entirely of solid brass. That said, a brass-plated finish does offer durability, but may not last as long as the solid brass version.

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