Belwith Cabinet Hardware

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Belwith is one of the largest distributors of hardware throughout the world. With hundreds of items to choose from, cabinetry will have thousands of decorative possibilities. As the world's leader in hardware sales and manufacturing, Belwith focuses on home hardware with every room in mind. They have the biggest selection of furniture, kitchen, and bath hardware accessories to choose from, anywhere.

Choosing Hardware that is Right for You

Whether you are seeking functional or decorative hardware, Belwith offers both. With 21 finish variations, having the task of matching new to existing hardware won't be difficult. In fact, this distributor has become the solution to locating hard to find hardware. Many older homes currently have antique brass hardware, and the need to purchase additional matching hardware is always a possibility. Belwith makes this task both simple and affordable.

With all the design schemes containing a variety of corresponding shapes and detail, you may decided to update the hardware on existing furniture to match your cabinetry. Used furniture can easily be redone by simply switching out an outdated or poor quality handle for a high quality pull. Old fashioned glass or tarnished brass hardware can give a new piece of furniture the look of an antique.

Belwith also offers a wide array of internal, functional hardware to help you make the most out of all your storage space. Coat hooks provide an inexpensive solution to the over-crowded cabinet problem. Wildlife, nature, nautical, and Coca-Cola themes round out a decorative collection for those with a unique handle in mind.

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