Belwith Handles

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Belwith offers an extensive line of decorative handles with many size variations for each design style. When working with cabinetry that contains a variety of cupboards and drawers, some customers choose to purchase larger handles for the cupboards, and opt for the smaller, corresponding version for the drawers themselves. Other options include combining both knobs and pulls in order to give the cabinetry more variety without mismatching hardware that might look out of place.

For consumers who simply want to add handles to existing cabinetry, Belwith is a good resource for providing most consumers with a close, if not exact match. Additionally, because of the extensive materials and finishes available, it is very easy to find a knob or pull that will provide a nice corresponding alternative for those who like to combine handle styles within their design schemes.

Warranty and Maintenance Information

The large majority of all Belwith Handles carry a warranty. In particular, all handles with the Egyptian lacquer have a 100-year lifetime guarantee on them. If at anytime a part begins to tarnish or become defective, Belwith will replace the item after it is inspected to determine the cause of corrosion.

All other parts without that specific finish carry conditional warranties up to three to five years, which are widely considered a period of normal wear in the hardware industry. If at anytime during this stage you begin to notice these abnormalities, simply send them an item or two, and provide information regarding the chemical usage on the hardware in question. Once the parts are deemed defective, Belwith will work with you to decide whether you want an identical replacement or a different part altogether.

Be sure to remember that chemicals can ruin hardware. When harsh substances are placed on hardware it will start to eat away at the finish, dish soap can even cause finishes to break down and ruin the look of hardware. Humid weather can also affect the performance of hardware, making it extremely important to carefully select materials that are right for your climate.

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