Berenson Cabinet Hardware

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Berenson has been in the hardware business for over 40 years, offering a comprehensive line of decorative hardware at a competitive price. Like many hardware distributors, Berenson offers hundreds of possibilities to add a decorative touch to your cabinetry. Berenson's collection of decorative hardware contains thirty-five unique styles to choose from, most borrowing from traditional stylized renditions to give your cabinets classic form and function.

With more than 15 different types of materials and nearly sixty finish choices, it will not be difficult to find the perfect solution to your hardware needs. Berenson offers a complete line of both functional and decorative hardware, and because of their extensive color and material choices, it is easy to find hardware that will match your existing handles if necessary. For those who choose to mix and match, Berenson also offers a selection of corresponding knobs and pulls, making it easy to match existing hardware with a slightly different look.

Choosing a Look That is Right for You

When determining what handle is right for you, first consider placement and the color of the cabinetry itself. Bright hardware finishes can give darker cabinets a nice contrasting look, allowing the fixtures to stand out against the dark background. For lighter cabinets, darker hardware with a matte finish can add depth and vintage appeal to seemingly unremarkable cabinets.

With Berenson's extensive selection of finishes, there are obvious variations to these rules. If selecting bright hardware, you can choose among copper, silver, and brass color schemes. Likewise, the same variation can be found on items with a darker, antique finish, allowing you to customize your cabinetry with professional details.

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