Black Cabinet Hardware

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Black hardware has become a popular look for cabinetry in recent years. Because hardware today is available in a large variety of materials and finish colors, black cabinet hardware is very easy to come by. Although black hardware looks best on cabinetry of lighter tones that will allow the hardware to stand out from the cabinet itself, some may choose to use it on darker cabinetry, allowing the hardware to go unnoticed against a dark background.

Obtaining the Right Look with Black Hardware

Black hardware can be used for a variety of cabinet styles, so if it is a modern look you are seeking, look no further. Modern black hardware tends to employ an angular, streamlined design. Often times, hinges will be placed on the inside of the cabinetry, and are therefore naked to the human eye. One of the most popular materials for black hardware is wrought iron and pewter, both using dark stains to intensify the depth of color.

For a more traditional or hand made look, many opt to use wrought iron hardware and accessories. Even though wrought iron is not the most durable of all black hardware materials available, it offers cabinetry a rustic look that many people enjoy. Remember that contemporary wrought iron may rust, so always choose a durable finish to protect this particular metal.

Overtime, antique brass develops a blackened color, and although is not as black as iron or pewter, may provide the black hardware look that you are seeking. Because brass is the most durable hardware material, it provides a good choice for those who do not wish to replace their hardware every couple of years. With a variety of black hardware options available in all sizes, forms, and functions, it is easier than ever to find the right hardware option for you.

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