Brass Cabinet Hardware

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Brass hardware is as popular today as it was hundreds of years ago. This popularity is contributed to the fact that brass stands out as one of the longest lasting hardware materials available. Brass hardware is available both in solid and plated forms, and as a result, is also available in most price ranges. Because of the superior strength of brass, it can be used on most cabinet projects, big or small.

The striking beauty of brass lends hardware the look of timeless quality, regardless of its age. Many people believe that brass becomes more beautiful over time as a result of the oxidation process, darkening the metal into a naturally antique finish. A simple polishing will restore brass's original luster, but many people choose to keep polishing at a minimum to preserve the darkened charm.

Modern Brass Hardware Availability

New brass hardware is largely available through most distributors in a variety of styles and finishes. Because of the popularity of brass, most hardware contains brass plating if the piece is not made of solid brass to begin with. Brass is one of the few metals that avoids rust, making it the most durable hardware material available today.

If you are interested in finding antique brass hardware reproductions, be aware that these items are generally made of steel with brass plating, and as a result, are less expensive than genuine antique brass hardware. Keep in mind, brass plated finish still offers durability, but may not last as long as the solid brass version. Will all these attributes taken into account; brass offers consumers the ideal hardware solution for any style of cabinetry.

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