Decorative Hardware

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Decorative cabinet handles can greatly enhance the look of cabinetry. For the sake of variety, combining pulls and handles can even give the simplest cupboards and furniture a custom made look. Ornamental hardware adds value and esteem to wood designs, giving functional handles a bold new look. In truth, decorative hardware has a transformative power, allowing you to change the overall look of existing furniture.

Decorative Hinges, Knobs, and Pulls

Detailed hinges can add a whimsical quality to any cupboard door. For a decorative effect, straps can be placed on the outside of a cupboard door to create the appearance of antique cabinetry. Some hardware manufacturers still attach straps to their hinges, providing a sturdier bind for heavier doors, but these hinges tend to be more expensive. Most modern hinges are installed on the inside of the cabinet doors, and therefore would require a separate strap for those that desire a rustic effect.

Today, decorative knobs have taken on the shape of a variety of small items. Butterflies, hand painted ceramics, glass gems, and metal bulbs are all represented by many manufacturing companies. You are able to browse through a selection of knobs that seems to never end. The most difficult first step is settling on a specific material, the rest is easy.

With decorative hardware becoming a competitive business, most manufacturers offer an enormous selection of cabinet pulls. These pulls differ greatly from the simple styles you may not have seen before, incorporating images and shapes that you may have not associated with cabinetry in the past. I personally prefer the cup/bin pull, made from a sturdy, classic material like brass. These pulls stand out against cabinetry without having a clashing influence.

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