Drawer Handles

Written by Krystin Spellman
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When selecting hardware for your drawers, you will have a choice between pulls and knobs. Larger drawers will pull out easier if you use a sturdy pull as opposed to a knob, because you will be working with two connection points as opposed to one. For drawers that are more than two feet long, consider using two separate handles at each end to allow the drawer to be pulled out by two hands instead of one.

Drawer Handle Choices

Smaller drawers that require less hard work to open look good with a single knob. If you want to pursue a traditional look, choose metal or glass knobs that look antique and decorative. Tarnished brass knobs work great for almost any antique style, and are strong enough to pry open even the most difficult drawers. If choosing a simple knob, a backplate may offer you a more interesting look.

If you are looking to promote a classically elegant design, consider an old fashioned swinging handle. Another popular, more casually traditional look it the cup/bin pull, which was a very popular handle style in the early '40s. If you are matching your drawers to existing cupboards, be sure to find a handle style for your drawers that will look good with your existing cabinetry.

When working with a selection of both big and small drawers, many interior designers will suggest placing knobs on the smaller drawers, but choose a handle with a matching finish for the larger drawers. Glass knobs provide an affordable way to make your drawers look more fashionable, and can be paired with brass pulls for added variety.

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