Glass Drawer Pulls

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Some of the most elegant pulls are made of glass. Older pulls were generally made of either clear or amber glass, but today you can find glass pulls in every color imaginable. Due to the increased popularity of handles made of this material, many hardware manufacturers produces glass pulls with a vintage style, offering their pieces in depression glass to convey an antique look. Since technology has improved, many manufacturers now offer glass pulls that incorporate more than one color of glass within the pull itself.

Glass Pull Style Options

High quality glass pulls generally have nickel or brass attachments to ensure a sturdy connection to the cabinet door. There are a number of less expensive alternatives, but you may end up sacrificing quality when opting for these cheaper versions. One of the most popular glass pull styles is the fluted crystal bridge pull. This pull has multifaceted glass edges with a curved connection between the two links, similar to a bridge.

Another option is the hexagonal bridge pull, which is similar to the fluted pull, but the attached points are a hexagon shape. This is the most traditional version of glass pull styles available. If looking to create an antique look in your cabinetry, consider selecting this style in accordance to a glass color that would represent an older era.

Glass pulls are now offered in a variety of modern styles, straying from the traditional look. Blown glass has become a popular art form, and many artists have begun incorporating handle styles within their work. Blown glass will offer your drawers a unique look, but may be more expensive due to the nature of the craft.

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