Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Written by Krystin Spellman
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When selecting kitchen cabinet hardware, the first step will be to assess your kitchen to determine what type of hardware will match its existing style. Your kitchen cabinetry will require hinges and handles, but will you prefer the look of knobs or pulls? Some people decide to choose both, especially in instances where you are working with a series of cupboards and drawers, which exists in the majority of kitchens today. Other hardware options include extender drawers and lazy-susans, allowing you to take advantage of as much storage space as possible.

The cabinet hardware you choose will have a dramatic impact on your kitchen cabinets. As a result, replacing cabinet hardware is the most simple and inexpensive element of kitchen renovation projects. Hardware can do a great job adding style to commonplace cabinetry. Even the simple addition of a decorative catch on a pantry door can give your kitchen a more customized look.

Price Comparisons

Kitchen cabinet hardware price and quality varies greatly, depending on the materials you choose to use. Additionally, as select hardware materials and styles become more popular, designer hardware will have a larger impact on your pocketbook. As with kitchen appliances and countertops, stainless steel has become a popular hardware choice for many kitchens, combining beauty and longevity. Overall, prices vary greatly with different options at every level.

Budget kitchen hardware is generally made of the least expensive and most malleable materials available. As a result, budget hardware does not last as long as more expensive kitchen hardware, and will require replacement more often. Brass provides a sturdy option for kitchen hardware, and with a variety of finishes available, you are bound to find hardware with the look and price that is right for you.

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