Liberty Pulls

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Liberty hardware offers an enormous selection of decorative pulls, all available in a variety of sizes and designs. Liberty pulls are available in pewter, aluminum, solid brass, zinc die cast, stainless steel, wood, crystal, glass, resin and porcelain. All Liberty pulls can be easily matched with a knob counterpart, allowing you to mix and match handle styles as you please.

All of the brands that roll up under Liberty Hardware strive to be innovative in an increasingly competitive market, allowing them to take new strides in creating bold and innovative designs. All Liberty pulls offer customers a limited lifetime warranty, showing that they stand behind their handles 100 percent.

Hundreds of Pulls

If you are looking for unique pulls, the Knob Hill and Betsy Fields collections provide a outrageous amount of options to choose from. The most elegant of all may be the Betsy Fields botanical collection, combining the simple look of a traditional pull with the intricate craftsmanship of a Betsy Fields original. For those of you who find themselves attracted to a more contemporary look, you may want to select a pull with a chrome or stainless steel finish to give your cabinetry a modern look.

If you decide to combine the use of both pulls and knobs, try to match the styles closely, and by selecting both handles from a Liberty collection, the guess work will be taken out of the equation. Some may choose to stray from combining handles of the same collection, selecting a decorative knob and pairing it with a simple pull. Whatever route you choose, be sure to have fun in the process and choose the look that above all else, suits you.

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