Pewter Cabinet Hardware

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Pewter cabinet hardware is both strong and beautiful. Pewter is a shiny metal that darkens as it oxidizes. This creates a great deal of variation in shade, making it a very popular material for decorative purposes. Pewter handles and pulls can be very detailed, allowing the different shades to produce a look of depth and shadow. While many consumers prefer the shiny version of Pewter, antique seekers are often attracted to the roughened looking version.

History of Pewter
Traditionally, pewter was fashioned by hammering or casting, creating two separate disciplines for metal-smithing pewter. Pewter is a very malleable and workable metal, allowing craftsman to add a great bit of detail to their work, creating very intricate and ornate designs. As a result, pewter hinges provide a decorative alternative to the simple hinge attachment.

In truth, pewter is a composite of metals, generally containing a mixture of tin, antimony, and copper. In the past, pewter contained lead, but this metal has been removed from use in recent years with increased awareness surrounding the harmful effects of lead. Modern day pewter can either be polished to a bright finish or darkened with chemical solvents, depending on preference.

Modern day decorative pewter cabinet hardware is lead free and very beautiful. Because of the popularity of antique hardware, pewter is in high demand as it can be easily aged to look the part. With a wide variety of hardware options to choose from, pewter provides an antique looking option for modern cabinetry.

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