Rustic Cabinet Hardware

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Whether you are enhancing the rustic look of a cabinet, or attempting to add a rustic quality to a seemingly unremarkable door front, hardware can complete the look. Rustic hardware can add warmth and versatility to your cabinets, giving them a sense of pastoral charm. With thousands of options to choose them, it will be easy to give your cabinet this desired effect.

Ways to Enhance a Rustic Style

When selecting rustic hardware, many choose to opt for the Sante Fe look that is very popular throughout the United States. This look combines bulky strap hinges, brackets, and pulls. Rustic hardware is generally made of bronze or brass, but can also be found in wrought iron or pewter. If you choose to opt for another material, a rustic look can also be obtained by deciding upon a dark matte finish.

Rustic hardware tends to be larger than more classic looking hardware pieces, set off by a warn, distressed finish. Rustic cabinetry also may have large decorative nails with stylized heads. When going for a rustic look, it is important to remember that hinges should be visible and equally as decorative as the handle itself. Oftentimes, rustic hardware has a handcrafted look, giving it a nostalgic quality that is sure to please.

Rustic hardware also works well in accordance with a French provincial style. The dark colors of the hardware itself are set off nicely by light colored cabinetry in either white or ivory. To obtain this look, combine hinges with ornamental strapping for a whimsical touch. Decorative handles will only serve to add to the effect.

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