Stainless Steel Cabinet Hardware

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Stainless steel has become a recent favorite in the decorative hardware industry. One of the largest benefits of this versatile material is that it is easy to care for. Many consumers love to use this material in their kitchens for this quality alone. The color of stainless steel is also very attractive due to its reflective qualities, making it a favorite for those of us who are seeking a more modern look.

Contemporary Stainless Steel Designs

One of the most popular stainless steel handles can be found in the modern T-bar design. This is a very streamlined look that can be found in a wide variety of lengths. The simply cylindrical design coupled with sharp angles give cabinetry an up-to-date look, all the while still keeping things simple. This is a popular handle design that is often showcased in the pages of upscale home magazines, and will easily give your cabinets an expensive designer look.

Stainless steel also offers a bold look in knobs, varying from perfectly round spheres to multifaceted geometric shapes. All handles come in either a matte or shimmering finish, allowing you to select the stainless steel hardware for any look. Many handle options even offer both, giving a single piece of hardware more depth.

More than any other material, stainless steel has an industrial look which can either be played up or toned down, depending on your preference. If opting for stainless steel as your material of choice, your hardware selection is greatly expanded when focusing on contemporary designs. From a design perspective, stainless steel is modern form at its best.

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