Unique Cabinet Hardware

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Many hardware distributors specialize in their own unique lines of cabinet hardware. Handles come in all sorts of unconventional forms, giving consumers literally thousands of unique hardware options to choose from. If you are seeking one of a kind hardware for your cabinetry, it is best to seek out hardware that is hand-made from malleable materials. Because hand-made hardware is more unique than the mass produced variety, prices tend to be higher than hardware items made available by large distributors.

Unique Hardware Product Lines

In order to stay competitive, many of the larger hardware companies have begun producing their own line of unique fixtures, often incorporating a variety of themes to help their hardware stand out from the rest. The largest collections offer a variety of corresponding pulls, knobs, hooks, and hinges, offering a diverse selection of creative combinations to choose from.

Generally speaking, the majority of cabinet hardware today is unique unto itself. Gone are the days of plain handles and simple knobs. Most handles are ornate and extremely diverse. Some handles do not even resemble a handle at first glance, invoking the aesthetic appeal of nature, or the comic charm of a knife and fork.

Whichever genre you choose to pursue, you will be sure to find a unique selection of styles and materials to choose from. Unique knobs and handles will add value to your cabinetry, making the hardware a focal point on the cabinet itself. Above all else, remember to have fun with your hardware, selecting a style that gives your cabinet that personal touch.

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