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Antique Persian Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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A graceful, curvilinear style and a masterful use of color are the classic designs you'll find when buying antique Persian rugs. The great tradition of Persian carpet making was brought about in the 16th and 17th centuries in tightly woven court carpets of the Safavid period. Bring Persia's ancient flowing forms of beauty into your life when you purchase home accent rugs for your home.

Antique Persian rugs are usually classified in relation to its particular type of design. The patterns usually included garden carpets, incorporating flowerbeds, paths, and often even pools and canals; medallion carpets, whose large central medallion patterns are embellished with floral designs; vase carpets, in which a decorative vase holds flowers and vines; flower carpets; animal carpets; and hunting carpets, depicting a favorite royal sport. Buying Persian rugs for your home is the perfect way to spice up your dull world of white and beige.

Antique Persian Rugs as a Solution to Home Decorating

Persian rugs outshine those of other countries in artistic patterns as well as in harmonious coloring, and they are unparalleled in technique. The warp and weft of these antique rugs are usually wool, except for the palace rugs of silk. Both the Sehna and Ghiordes knot are employed in weaving. Decide to beautify your house with only the best of the best, and bring home a Persian rug.

Persian area rugs are most known for their flowery decoration. They are so rich with pattern detail, and the flowers so real, that one might want to pick them up and smell them. The Persians were also master dyers. From their royal purples, their cardinal reds, their lush greens, and their most famous deep, luminous blue. Such wonderful, intricate detail and opulent colors could be a glorious addition to your home environment.

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