Area Rug

Written by Jen Nichol
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So you are shopping for a new area rug for your place, and you don't know where to start? First things first--you will need to determine your budget and the purpose for the rug. Are you trying to cover up your new puppy's latest accident, or did your party last week leave your carpet looking like 101 Dalmatians gone wrong?

How to Choose Your Area Rug

Maybe you only need a rug for a simple, quick fix to cover old, ratty carpet. Or perhaps you'd like an easy way to change the look of your child's bedroom. Even if you are looking for new decorating tips to add some unique touches to your home-sweet-home, a rug can provide you with the answer to the decorating questions in your mind. Local discount decorating stores can help you with your basic needs for rugs and room accents. But if you'd like to have a little more sophistication and beauty go into your flooring purchase, you should look at specialty and antique stores.

If the room that you are adding to already has a color scheme, you will want to be careful what color you choose to add to your decor. A word of caution--especially if this is a major purchase for you--go with a classic piece that will fit into your next home and many more to come. If this rug is for a child's room, take his or her changing preferences into account. A simple rug containing a favorite color is much less likely to become outdated than a rug portraying a child's current favorite animated character.

Even if you are more interested in a simple or modern area rug to give a room a temporary fix, you can find great deals and items when you shop for area rugs online. No matter what size your place or what size your budget, you can find the perfect fit for that decorating itch you have. Doing a little research and a little digging can help you make your decision a better one.

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