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Area Wool Rugs From China

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Serenity of composition, simplicity of design, a range of subdued to bright and harmonious colors, and symbolic motifs characterize area wool rugs from China. These Chinese area rugs could be the perfect accentuation to your home. Give your living room hints of rich color. Imagine! You can relax in perfect harmony while you sip your tea on your very own Chinese rug.

Regularly recurring designs in area wool rugs from China include geometrics; Taoist and Buddhist symbols; animals, including various dragon forms, the Fu dog, storks, cranes; natural forms including clouds, water, and mountains; realistic and identifiable flowers, each with its symbolic meaning; the Chinese character shou, the symbol for long life; and the many variations of round medallions.

Area Wool Rugs From China as an Accent to the Home

Do you look at your home or soon to be home, and only see different shades of white and beige? Do you want to spice up your life? The Chinese are known for their affecting use of vivid color and design. Pattern is an ornament, and ornaments need the relief of plain surfaces. So what you have is the perfect canvas to add a splash of color to your palette.

Plain surfaces require the relief of some ornament to avoid monotony. A patterned rug will affect all the other color sameness things in a room. Decoratingly speaking, a figured rug should have plain walls to offset it. A Chinese rug will surely compliment the home and actually enhance the purity of a room, by offsetting it with its color and design, all the while hinting a bit of the exotic.

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