Arizona State University

Written by Jen Nichol
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Arizona State University is a vibrant and fun-loving public university, known for its sports programs and the loyalty and pride of its alumni. Every student who lives on campus is part of the enthusiastic social and academic life going on around them. The dorms here are a great place to make friends and feel a part of the school.

Arizona State University students, like those at the University of California and Florida State University, enjoy great weather and a lively atmosphere. Living on this campus is a great choice for students who want the total college experience. Students who do plan to live on campus find that dorm room decorating is a big deal here, with every room as unique as the students within.

Arizona State University Offers a Lively Experience

Arizona state university offers eight undergraduate schools: business, liberal arts and sciences, engineering and applied sciences, architecture and environmental design, education, fine arts, nursing, and public programs. The student body here is very geographically diverse, with more than three-quarters of the students coming from out of state. Having a total enrollment of over 47,000 students, this college offers the big-campus experience and a chance to meet students from all over the world.

Arizona State University is ripe with opportunities to experience campus life. A school known for enthusiasm for the sports programs, this convivial university provides students with four years of sunny, intelligent chances to explore life. Life at Arizona State University is an opportunity to develop one's personality, explore academia, and broaden one's horizons.

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