Boston University

Written by Tanya Niederhoff
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Boston University is one of many institutions of higher learning in the Boston area. This city and surrounding areas host some 30 colleges and universities, making it one of the most educated areas in the world. Life at Boston University is erudite and rigorous, but also exciting and friendly.

Boston University is an integral part of the city it calls home. It is one of the nation's biggest private universities, and attracts students from all over the nation and the world. These students love to engage in enthusiastic dorm room decorating, which helps them define their own space.

Experience Boston University

Three quarters of Boston University students live in campus housing, which is guaranteed for four years. The dorms are large, often have a common area and thier own bathroom and brownstone apartments. The city of Boston is known as America's College Town, which plays a major role in social life.

Boston University dorms are like those of nearly every other college and university: bare and small. Most students like to decorate with a rug or two, as the floors are typically bare, and with drawers and storage space savers. More and more Boston University students are finding that they can get all of their stylish and affordable college dorm decor online, and have it shipped right to school.

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