Braided Rugs

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Braided Rugs for Country Charm

Today's braided oval rugs fit almost any decor, from country to modern to classic. They come in styles that evoke memories of wooden rockers and cozy fireplaces. You can, however, create an elegant chair grouping with a small, striking, solid color braided carpet that creates a unique space in a room.

Most people think of multi-color oval rugs when they think in terms of braided carpeting. Comfortable couches and ottomans, colonial wood end tables and chintz curtains are a slice of Americana that speaks of simpler times when families gathered around the fireplace -- or television.

Modern Braided Rugs

Many braided rugs are still made with traditional craftsmanship, but now, in addition to the traditional, they also come in modern colors, designs, and fabrics. Braided oval rugs have also been called hooked rugs and rag rugs because the originals were often made of unused scraps of material. Today's rugs are made from all kinds of materials, including nylon and other washable fabrics.

You can also find very exciting square rugs made in the same manner using antique colors. These rugs make wonderful accent rugs and offer all the charm of traditional braided ovals. Many braided oval rugs are still hand made with all the quality for which they have been known for three centuries. When you're looking for a braided oval, you will be able to find solid colors, multi-colors, and even custom made rugs on the Internet.

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