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Written by Helen Glenn Court
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In deciding to buy rugs online--or at least shop for rugs online--you're opening the door to a large marketplace. You're also multiplying exponentially the care you as a consumer need to take. Shopping for a rug online, however, doesn't mean you will necessarily buy rugs online without doing your research first. You certainly want just the rug you have in mind and there is no reason to settle for anything less when there are so many options.

How to Buy Rugs Online

Let's get a few basics of how to buy rugs online out of the way; it's no different than buying from a Main Street storefront. Continue to be wary of any "liquidation sale" signs. Any banner proclaiming a 50 percent off sale or a short-notice auction is suspect. You don't want to be pressured. Knowledge is the way to avoid making a hasty mistake.

Research is where you want to focus your energy. You want to know as much about how a rug is made as possible. This means reading up on the geographic classifications of Oriental rugs--the Caucasus, the Persian, the Turkish, the Central Asian, the Chinese. It also means understanding the variations on curvilinear and rectilinear design.

You want to know the basic knot types and the designs characteristic of each region, the colors typical of each style. Know that the oldest antique rugs you'll come across will usually date only to the 19th century. It is good to know that any Oriental rug as old as 60 years is considered antique. An authentic oriental rug will be hand knotted with pile or woven without pile. It will be made of wool or silk with a cotton foundation. Dyes will ideally be natural rather than synthetic, but during the first half of the 20th century synthetic dyes predominate.

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