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Buying Persian Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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When buying Persian rugs, the best Persian rugs for sale are outstanding for expert workmanship, subtle coloring, and fine design. Their rather small, conventionalized designs are based on natural forms, such as flowers, trees, vines, birds, rivers, and clouds. Some favorite motifs are the Rose of Iran, Tree of Life, and Trailing Vines, all of which are much varied. The Persian knot is used, which permits the tying of many knots to the square inch.

A reliable rug dealer will explain the points of good workmanship and materials, which he usually regards as more important than design or color. Sometimes the price of a rug is determined by the number of knots it has to a square inch. Workmanship and materials are of course important, but without good design and color they are futile.

How to Choose When Buying Persian Rugs

When buying Persian rugs one should realize that their beauty and character depend upon their individuality, design, color, texture, and workmanship. Persian area rugs are likely to be superlative in design, but some are better than others. There are five common types of rugs, one being the prayer rug, and the others showing medallions, surface repeats, floral decorations, or a tree of life. The surface, repeat designs enclosed by many borders are the most desirable.

Choosing the perfect rug can be difficult. One way to facilitate the process is to look for variety in any of the colors in a rug. For example, if an orange-red is present there might also be a crimson-red and a violet-red in other places. One color should dominate in a rug. The color and the design in a rug should express the same idea; for example, a bold design demands a bold color scheme, and a finer design needs more delicate colors.

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