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Chinese Area Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Chinese area rugs are generally very good in workmanship and in material. The tranquility of composition, the ease of design, the array of quiet to vivid and harmonious colors, and emblematic motifs characterize area wool rugs from China. These rugs could be the perfect emphasis to your home. Give your living room hints of rich color and relax in perfect harmony with a Chinese rug.

Some of the favorite motifs in Chinese area rugs include geometrics like circles, octagons, and medallions; Taoist and Buddhist symbols; trellis, bats, dragons, birds, and floral patterns. The Chinese style is one of naturalistic designs scattered over large plain areas, each pattern with its symbolic meaning.

Chinese Area Rugs as an Accent to the Home

Do you look at your home or soon to be home, and only see monotone colors? Do you want to put some more pizzazz in your life? The Chinese are known for their magnificent use of vibrant color and design. Design is decoration, and decorations need the assistance of plain surfaces.

Unadorned floorings require the relief of some ornamentation to avoid monotony. Decorative accent area rugs will have an effect on all the other color similarity in a room. Stylishly speaking, a figured rug should have basic colored walls to offset it. A Chinese rug will definitely flatter the home and really develop the ambiance of a room, by balancing plain walls with its color and design.

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