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Chinese Vintage Floral Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Chinese vintage floral rugs of early China was founded on China's agricultural past with its devotion and worship of earth and nature, and religious ciphers of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Mohammedanism. These religious and natural principles soon became an integral part of Chinese life. So important, that they even incorporated their beliefs in their rug patterns, as a reminder to their faith and convictions.

In Chinese Buddhist teachings one was forbidden to take life, so people were sparing with their cutting of flowers, except for highly esteemed flower arrangements for altars and the such. Another solution to cut flowers was that one decorated their house with garlanded, colorful area rugs instead, as one might observe in many Chinese vintage floral rugs. Keep ancient history and tradition alive in your home, by buying Chinese area rugs.

Chinese Vintage Floral Rugs as Decoration for the Home

The Chinese style of floral symbolism was developed by centuries of folklore and story-telling. Most of the flowers depicted, exercise a symbolic meaning. Orchids, tiger lilies, and pomegranates are signs of fertility. The pear, peach tree, and bamboo, articulate the importance of long life. But the one flower honored above all others was the peony, it was an insignia of wealth, good fortune, and high position.

Obtain vintage, floral, wool rugs from China for your home, and honor your life with ancient floral symbolism. It is always an appealing and an interesting combination when East meets West or when one merges the old and the new into ones home. Don't maintain an unexciting household. Mix it up a little! People will admire your inventiveness, openness to the exotic, and creative outlook on life.

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