College Dorm Decor

Written by Tanya Niederhoff
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College dorm decor sounds like a bit like a cliche, as you may be asking yourself whether a college room should even have decor. It should be practical and functional, but it should also have some style. No matter what school you plan to attend, the dorms all tend to be uniform--four white, cold walls with a window that may or may not open.

College Dorm Decor Tips

Light can make a room seem much friendlier and brighter, so when you are thinking about dorm room decorating, remember that a good light (perhaps one you can dim) will go a long way for your matchbox sized room. If you think you'd like something a little different, try using traditional white Christmas lights for a little character and illumination. If you are lucky enough a have a big window, don't clutter the space in front of it, as that will take away from the natural lighting and view.

Adding some color to your college dorm room can be done with a few accents that are necessary for your room anyway. You'll need a comforter, an area rug, drapes, pictures, posters or anything else you can think of that will make the room more yours. As most dorms are usually just standard rooms with not much to them, you want to keep your college dorm decor simple, tasteful, yet original.

If you are a freshman starting college in the fall, your resident assistants (RAs) may have some ideas for you to take into account. Some resident halls have a college dorm decor contest to see who can be the most creative and inspiring in the building. Maybe you can declare interior design as your major--once you've mastered decorating your dorm, the rest is easy!

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