College Humor

Written by Jen Nichol
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College humor is all about expressing one's self, through clothing, activities, and dorm room accessories. Dorm room decorating is often a person's first chance to create a space that is uniquely their own. College is a new and exciting experience in many ways, and there are products out there to help students put their individual stamp on their new life.

College is all about personality and style, and college humor is about enjoying an energetic and fun-loving home-away-from-home. Decorating a dorm room can be as affordable as it is fun, with stylish area rugs, chairs and other accessories made just for this experience. A dorm room doesn't have to be sterile and boring; with the right dorm rugs and other bold accents, it can be your university hot spot!

College Humor Is about Freedom of Expression!

College fashion is definitely in a category by itself, with students wearing everything from flannel pajamas to summer dresses in and around campus. The same unique quality applies to dorm room decorating. It's a space where a student can experiment with style and space, with comfort and color.

Each person has their own brand of college humor, and one of the best aspects of the college experience is sitting around the dorm room exchanging jokes and ideas with friends and classmates. A comfortable and stylish college dorm room is an asset to any student, and any room can become a cozy social hub. Students from the University of Miami to Stanford University in California all appreciate a comfortable, well-appointed dorm room.

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