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Colorful Area Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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There are various ways to work out a color scheme for a room, but the easiest system is to select attractive, colorful area rugs and use the featured colors in your accessories and furniture. In simple terms, you can build your entire color scheme around a chosen patterned rug. Your walls could be the background color that appears in it (in the same shade), or in a lighter or darker tint or they can match one of the other colors in the pattern.

Color is magical! With one color scheme, your room can be restful and relaxing; planned with other colors, the same room can be vibrant and exciting. With the mixture of color, pattern, texture, and line from your large area rugs, you can make your room as formal and sophisticated or as quaint and informal as you please. In any case, choose which is to be the dominant color in the room, the secondary color, the third color, and use the brightest color or colors as accents in the smaller accessories.

Colorful Area Rugs Help to Decorate Your Home

The colors in the accent area rug, whether rich and mellow, pale and delicate, or bright and primitive, will determine the tonal key for your color scheme and may even put forward the proportions of each color to be used overall. Whatever your choice, plan to keep the same mood throughout the room by first determining the principal color, the one that will leave the strongest broad-spectrum feeling.

When choosing colorful area rugs keep this in mind: bright colors attract and stimulate attention, so use them scarcely as accents. Warm colors give a sense of coziness and they are good for informal interiors, libraries, and dens. Cool colors are conservative and dignified, and are more fitting for formal, sophisticated rooms. Dark, rich colors give a sense of stability and strength, and are good for men's bedrooms, libraries, and dens. Light, pastel colors give a sense of feminine airiness and space, and are good for small rooms, bedrooms, and wherever a female touch is favored.

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