Columbia University

Written by Tanya Niederhoff
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Columbia University is located in Manhattan's upper west side, and can offer its students the heart of New York as their campus. With 21,000 students, this school is among the smallest in the Ivy League. Columbia students study everything from English to engineering, and the faculty has a reputation for excellence.

Life at Columbia University

Columbia University has a very diverse student population, with only 15% of its students coming from New York City. One major boon to being a Columbia student is that the school guarantees its students four years of housing. Many of the dorms have kitchens, and most of the students opt for the meal plan.

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Columbia University is a famed and highly regarded institution. Like Stanford University and the University of California, it has a reputation for rigorous academic excellence. These four years will help to dramatically define a student's future, and will certainly be remembered for a lifetime.

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