Contemporary Rugs

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Either Oriental or contemporary rugs will without doubt figure on your checklist as you design (or redesign) your home. You may have refinished hardwood floors or simply want to add accent to your wall-to-wall carpeting. Whether your style is southwestern desert or mountain cabin or metropolitan penthouse, the range of quality contemporary rugs is as wide as antique rugs, even wider.

Contemporary Rugs: What You Want is What You Get

Rugs, of course, have to fit the room they're chosen for both in size and style and color. At the same time, you probably don't want to restrict yourself too much by choosing a rug that will fit only in one room. Neither do you want a rug that fits only with one design scheme.

Contemporary rugs can be the focal points of any room, around which the furniture, upholstery, and window treatments are chosen. You might want the rug to bring a splash of color to otherwise subdued decor elements. Then again, you might want the rug to echo existing design elements.

If you're lucky enough to start with an empty room, and the rug is the focal point, the next step is wall color or colors. You'll choose the wall and woodwork colors to complement the rug. The furniture, as well, should flow with the tone of the rug rather than compete with it. If the rug design is bold geometrics and primary colors, you'll probably want simple clean lines, whether metal or wood, in the furniture and more subdued upholstery. Solid colors in leather upholstery adapt well to both modern and traditional designs.

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