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Contemporary Wool Area Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Contemporary wool area rugs are always a fashionable way to spruce up a house or Apartment. Despite the existence of distinctive regional styles and motifs, many contemporary patterns incorporate designs that are common to diverse regions in the East and even in the West. These designs may be rectilinear or curvilinear, naturalistic or abstract. Depending on your own personal tastes, you can easily beautify your home with new contemporary transitional area rugs.

More than 97 percent of all machine-made carpets are now made of synthetic fibers, primarily nylon. Therefore, a contemporary wool rug can be a refreshing choice when picking up a carpet. Both contemporary and period patterns, are often made of natural fibers like sisal or of hand-tufted wool in natural colors. A range of textures are used, that are formed or cut to different levels and areas of both cut and uncut loops.

Contemporary Wool Area Rugs as a Way of Decorating your Home

Contemporary Wool Area Rugs can be thought of as little more than simplified or more stylized interpretations of the popular motifs of the past, whether of Chinese or classic inspirations, baroque, rococo, or anything else. It is always an appealing choice to merge the old and the new styles into ones home. Mingling East and west traditions in our decor makes for a highly creative and interesting household that people will admire you for.

Once you know the type of motifs that prevailed during each of the earliest periods, you can go smartly contemporary with your accent area rugs by using suitable accessories and motifs copied or adapted from these traditional designs and printed on new and interesting materials and in new and striking color combinations. Contemporary wool area rugs can facilitate your path towards an inventive way of decorating. It can be the starting point from which your imagination can take flight!

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