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Decorative Hooked Wool Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Of all the handmade rugs, the decorative hooked wool rugs are by far the most coveted, and the most admired. The hooking of rugs is not exactly an American invention. Some rug hooking history books argue that descendants of the ancient Egyptians made the first hand hooked area rugs between the third and seventh centuries, although the art of making country hooked rugs came about typically in this country. Now they can be found in many countries, such France, Spain, as well as Chinese hooked rugs.

Long after the Civil War, typically in rural areas, hooked rugs were the primary floor coverings. Born primarily out of necessity, hand made country hooked rugs were created by rural women to cover the icy, naked floors of their homes. Then, all of a sudden, rug hooking boomed in reputation in the mid-nineteenth century New England. In no time at all, people began buying hand hooked rugs, and hooking industries ultimately proliferated across the nation.

Decorative Hooked Wool Rugs as Fashion

America's one indigenous folk art has now turned into a fashion statement. Decorative hooked wool rugs are now used for beautifying purposes, rather than exclusively for utility. In these modern times, people have realized that a beautiful hooked area rug can be a chic decoration in the home.

The most commonly found hooked rugs are at large in floral designs. Every imaginable treatment of flowers seems to have been thought of: wreaths, in vines, in baskets, in detached leaves or buds, entwined in scrolls, in replicating bunches, in large central bouquets, budding or cut. In Essence, all of these floral area rugs are designed with fine symmetry and excellent patterns. Bring the charm and the lovely treatments of real intricacy and artistic flair of the old country hooked rug into your home.

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