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Designer Accent Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Designer accent rugs are a type of art form; as such, they are as symbolic of a culture as its architecture or painting. For thousands of years, people have made them and used them in their homes. The original rugs were coarsely woven; they were hung up on walls to supply protection from sun and winds and laid on the cold, bare floors for the sake of comfort and warmth. Nowadays, a rugs chief purpose is purely for stylishly enhancing the home.

The essential methods of rug weaving were first attained in the East. After the carpet was entirely knotted, its pile was shaved, and the warp yarns at each end were united into a fringe. The finer the thread and the closer the warp strands are strung together, the thicker the weave and, usually, the greater the value. The delicately textured and expensive rugs have 62 or more knots per sq cm (400 per sq in); rough-textured rugs may have less than 8 per sq cm (50 per sq in). Think excellence when you next buy area rugs for your home.

Designer Accent Rugs Will Make Your Home Look Chic

Radiant designer accent rugs can help you breath freshness into an older room or just shape up a newer one. Improve your household from the floor up with exquisite, designer area rugs. Add luxury, friendliness, and texture to any room in just minutes, without costly, inconvenient remodeling. Accent area rugs come in a mixture of sizes, patterns, and shapes that can help develop the dream room you have always wanted. You should reap the benefits from the diverse, in vogue area rugs that are available today.

No other redecorating item can affect the whole tone of a room as rapidly and as drastically as colorful area rugs. Recover or revamp any room in your home from the floor up with lovely area rugs. Without the exasperating difficulty of pricey remodeling, rugs can quickly establish a focal point, they can add much needed zest to a room or even assist in characterizing areas in any room.

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