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Designer Area Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Designer area rugs and carpets are a form of decorative art; as such, they are as representative of a culture as its painting or architecture. People have made them and used them in their living quarters for thousands of years. The earliest rugs were crudely woven; they were tacked to walls to provide insulation from winds and sun and laid on the bare ground for the sake of warmth and comfort. Today, a rugs main function is purely for decorating the home.

The basic techniques of rug making were first developed in the East. After the carpet was completely knotted, its pile was sheared, and the warp threads at each end were tied into a fringe. The finer the yarn and the closer the warp threads are strung together, the denser the weave and, usually, the finer the quality. Fine-textured and valuable rugs have 62 or more knots per sq cm (400 per sq in); coarse-textured rugs may have less than 8 per sq cm (50 per sq in). Consider quality when you buy area rugs for your home.

Designer Area Rugs Will Make Your Home Look Stylish

Brilliant designer area rugs can help you breath new vitality into an old room or just fashion a new one. Enhance your home from the ground up with lovely, designer area rugs. Add style, warmth, and texture to any room in just an unroll of a rug, without expensive, bothersome remodeling. Accent area rugs come in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and patterns that can help form the rooms you have always wanted. You should take advantage of the variety of fashionable area rugs that can fit in your home!

No other refurbishing implement can influence the overall ambiance of a room as swiftly and as significantly as colorful area rugs. Improve or redecorate any room in your household from the ground up with beautiful area rugs. Without the maddening trouble of costly remodeling, rugs can speedily create a focal point, they can add much needed gusto to a room or even help to define spaces in a room.

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