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Designer Jute Area Rug

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Usually used as backing for carpets, jute is now utilized for the designer jute area rug and carpet. Jute is one of the supplest and the most superb of natural fiber area rugs. Jute is a rainy season produce that thrives best in balmy, humid climates. India, China, and Bangladesh rank as the world's chief producers of Jute. Jute is a glossy, long fiber that can be spun into sturdy, coarse threads. These rugs are particularly resilient and will endure for years to come in your home.

Jute fibers are 3 to 15 feet long and come in off-white to brown colors. These fibers are made up mostly of the plant resources cellulose, lignin, and pectin. Jute is conservational and it is made in large quantities, resulting in economical prices, but an elegant ecological choice for an area rug. Its pliable, soft texture makes Jute area rugs a longed-for floor covering option for any type of home.

Decorate with a Designer Jute Area Rug

A designer jute area rug can harmonize in any setting. They're as fitting in stylish, contemporary quarters as they are in authentic, classic surroundings; as practical at the office, as they are in the home. These smart tweedy carpets are sturdily woven for a strong resiliency, and can be reversed, for a long-term wear. Jute area rugs are bountiful, organic, and are speedily cultivated natural fiber area rugs that have a pure and delightful look and feel.

Jute is one of the oldest trades in India. Its versatility and fashionable usages is only coming to light in these recent years, as the world looks on for natural options to save the environment. The time has come for this natural fiber to take over with not only ideal solutions for the modern world, but also ultimate solutions to home decorating. Not only will you be saving the environment when you buy jute area rugs, you will be making a chic and modern advancement in the style world.

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