Discount Rugs

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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At the top of your list now are discount rugs. The big investment was getting rid of the carpeting and refinishing your hardwood floors. The new paint looks fantastic--pale burnt mustard yellow and proper gray, very austere yet classy and warm. You've got an idea for a few area rugs to pull all these elements together, several ideas, in fact. Your wallet, however, is a bit thinner than it was at the start.

Looking for Discount Rugs

You're not willing to compromise on workmanship or design, nor should you. What this means is patient researching and shopping online very likely. It also means making sure that you know what you need to know to buy quality discount rugs. All you really need to do is shop and buy carefully.

Perhaps a few Orientals are the answer. You know that authentic Oriental rugs are all hand knotted, and that antiques date from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th. Most older rugs are in museums. You're looking for more of a stylized geometric pattern, which means rugs from the Caucasus, Central Asia, perhaps Tibet, and Turkey. You remember a Ladik prayer rug, and that seems like a possibility.

On the other hand, discount rugs styled more simply would also work very well. They are new, but that's fine, as long as they're also hand knotted. That level of craftsmanship is an absolute on the requirements list. (After all, the Pazyryk rug that survived 2500 years in Siberian ice was hand knotted.) The Gabbeh rugs with their bold and simple color blocks suddenly pop into your mind. Made in India with Argentinean wool, they're hand knotted and very sensibly priced.

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