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Discount Wool Area Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Buy discount wool area rugs, they are naturally superior to synthetic area rugs. Wool has endured the test of time because of its unique natural assets. It is one of the older textile materials ever known. Today, there are a plethora of textile materials, but as yet science has not been able to manufacture another fiber holding all the natural assets of wool. Wool remains an inimitable masterwork of design.

Wool fibers come from sheep. Fine wool is less durable than moderately coarse wool, and the sheep creating this kind of resilient wool can generally be found in the Middle East. Most of the time, very high quality wool can be found at high altitudes of the Caucasian mountains and mountainous parts of Iran, and wool from sheep grazing at high altitudes is usually superior. Wool from Australia, China, and New Zealand is also esteemed.

Discount Wool Area Rugs are a Big Bargain
Wool has many favorable advantages that make purchasing discount wool area rugs an even bigger bargain than it already is. The ability to absorb moisture makes wool a "temperature regulator" because it can defend the body in both warm and cold conditions. It is innately a flame retardant, and is also self-extinguishing. Unlike synthetic area rugs, wool doesn't attract static electricity, which actively attracts dirt. Ultimately, wool doesn't get as dirty and is easier to clean.

Woolen area rugs are known to be more luxurious and soft than any other natural fiber area rugs. Artificial fibers last about 10 years, unlike wool rugs that last for at least 50 years. In fact, as time passes, the colorful dyed wool will age gracefully to a superb patina. Experience the all-natural softness and comfort of wool and you'll never want anything else!

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