Dorm Room Decorating

Written by Jen Nichol
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Dorm room decorating is one of the many tasks that await you when you are getting ready for your college adventures. The new place you are about to call home is probably a shoebox-sized sterile square. Limited space and a tight budget can make this decorating task a bit of a challenge.

College is the beginning of budgeting your time, space and money. Dorm room decorating is the first duty with these limitations in mind. Keep in mind that most schools or universities provide dorms with the standard beds, desks, chairs, and dressers. When shopping for your dorm room decorating needs, keep in mind that organizational items are key.

Dorm Room Decorating Help

You want to find your own sense of style and fashion, yet at the same time you want to make the most of your limited space. It's no secret that the plain, small confined space that university has allotted you to live in for the next nine months has the personality of a wet mop. Decorating your dorm room will make you feel more at home in this new and strange living area.

Remember that dorm decorating doesn't just mean style and flair. It also means organizing the many possessions your parents helped heave to your fine institution and fitting them into a room that is smaller that your closet at home. Drawers that fit into your closet, under your bed or next to your desk can help you get organized with the small things like toiletries or school supplies. If your bed is lofted, another great space saver is to use the space under your bed for extra closet space, suitcases for your trips home, shoes or anything else you will collect in the semesters to come.

Your barren space will have to be your home for the months to come, and making it feel more cozy can be challenging but not impossible. A colorful or classy comforter and sheets will bring some color into your room. Pictures of friends and family, along with posters, can personalize your room.

Dorm Room Decorating with Some Style

If the housing office allows you to, you may want to put a plant in your dorm room to give your space some life. Standard blinds are usually provided for you, but adding some curtains can provide you with the ability to block out the sun completely while adding some style into your room. Another low budget dorm room decorating favorite is adding Christmas lights around your window or along the wall. These lights provide you with a softer light and some fun.

If you are lucky enough to meet your roommate before your move into together, you may want to discuss some of the decorating details so that you may possibly coordinate with him or her. Arrange a time when you arrive to go shopping together to buy the joint necessities like a mini refrigerator, microwave and other essentials. Dorm room decorating can be the first bonding experience with your roommate as you begin your journey together.

Remember that functionality and style are the goals when beginning the dorm room decorating process. A small room and an even smaller budget doesn't mean you need to live in a jail cell. This is your room, your space to escape to, and it's up to you to personalize and make it your own.

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