Duke University

Written by Jen Nichol
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Duke University is world-famous for both academic and sports programs that continually meet and beat expectations. Living on the Duke campus puts students right in the middle of all the action. A well-appointed and cozy dorm room is a must for Duke students who want to be refreshed for both classes and recreational events.

Duke University is one of the select few schools in the US where a superior academic program and a championship-level sports teams go hand in hand. Duke's campus is located in the lush North Carolina forest and is divided up into two major sections, the West and East. The campus is connected by a shuttle the connects to two parts of school.

Explore Duke University Living

More than three quarters of Duke University undergrads live on campus. All freshman live on East Campus, in dorms are nice a little more spacious than on most campuses. However, most Duke students suggest that dorm residents do a little shopping before arriving, and to have all dorm room decor sent to straight to the school.

Duke University does a great job of building school spirit. Like Stanford University and the University of Tennessee, the students are bursting with school pride. College and university life can be both enriching and comfortable with a comfortable dorm room; top online resources will have the stylish accents that will make any student feel right at home.

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