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Expensive Persian Rugs

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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The rare, old, expensive Persian rugs are ranked with painting, sculpture, music, and as one of the great arts. They are extremely beautiful and the archaistic, superiority of designs in the oldest pieces is, as a group, the most rare of all collectible works of great art. Whoever buys antique Persian rugs must resolve whether he merely wishes to buy priceless floor covering, or whether he is interested in the rugs from the viewpoint of the collector. Unfortunately, these rare collector items are only for very wealthy people, since only a few of them are available.

From the standpoint of artistic exquisiteness, it is age that produces that superb softness, purity and mellowness of tone that gives to the antique rugs their inestimable superiority over the modern rugs. It is the practical semi-antique rugs that most all collectors and every seeker of old rugs for the home are attracted to. These practical, expensive Persian rugs have the benefit over the rarest of rugs, in that they are in much better state of preservation, they can be put to actual, but they are affordable.

Affordable Antique Expensive Persian Rugs for Your Home

Persian rugs, cultivated by national pride, are the effect of years of patient effort. The legends, thoughts, emotions, and history of the regions from which they come, are loyally noted in the rugs. Prices differ according to age, fineness of texture, and beauty in color and sheen. The most expensive rugs sometimes contain 1000 knots to the square inch and embody the work of a lifetime. Let Persia's beautiful tradition of rug weaving decorate your home.

Persian area rugs take on with age, a softening and blending together of colors and a natural patina, produces the soft tones and a wonderful natural sheen. A semi-antique is one that follows the conventional old designs and one which has been used in Persia long enough to have somewhat mellowed colors. Most modern rugs are simply too bright. The finest woven modern rugs are less attractive in their new state than the new rug or coarser texture with a longer nap.

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